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Here you can access all the ressources available to all the facilitators.

In case you need to contact the 2tonnes team, please join as a priority

Facilitate or train

Here you will find all the digital ressources useful for animation or training, and made available by 2tonnes for trained animators (2tonnes World is only accessible if you have been trained on the World game). These Drive folders contain presentation ressources in all translated languages.

2tonnes France

2tonnes World

Use the platform

The platform is regularly updated and includes many features. You will find a set of video tutorials to review certain operations, or discover new ones. You will also find an update history. Ressources here are only in french for now.


Clicking on the "?" menu on the top right of the platform, you can now:

  • Go to the FAQ and add questions if you can't find the question you are asking!

  • Contact us in case of support indicating the level of urgency and the type of problems encountered

Other links

Purchase cards

An online store is available to order French cards

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